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Musobox looks great, everything is there, pics, music bio and contact info.. Job done
Ross Gautreau (Polydor records)
Musobox means we can find musicians in the right area of the country in seconds without advertising all over the city. This has just saved us weeks of work.... Thank you Musobox!
Sam Black (DK Music Management)
What an amazing idea and something that has been needed for years. It's like autotrader for musicians
Grant Needam

So what’s it all about?

Musobox is the free online directory for musicians: Show off your talent and ability. Need more gigs? Want to form a band? Musobox will help!

What you get?

A showcase profile where you can add 3 pictures, 3 audio tracks, a video and information about YOU... for FREE! Link to other sites and show direct contact details so bands, industry professionals and anybody else can get in touch.


You have put the time into learning your instrument and now is the time to show off your passion with this fun, easy, free musicians CV.

What does Musobox want?

All we ask is that you take your playing as seriously as we do. This site was born out of a passion for helping musicians promote themselves to get work, which is why it's 100% free. The simple layout means you can only include your very best pictures, audio, video and experience, to show you off at your best.


Musobox is 100% musicians only

Musobox is 100% Free

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